December 2018 Editor’s Note: Congrats to Art’s Cameras Plus, Dealer of the...

December 2018 Editor’s Note: Congrats to Art’s Cameras Plus, Dealer of the Year


December is always a fun month here at Digital Imaging Reporter. We get to shine the light on one dealer in the country who has earned our Dealer of the Year designation.

Jerry Grossman

It’s also fun because over the years, our Dealer of the Year feature gives us, and in turn our readers, the opportunity to peer into the history of some of the country’s most successful dealers to see what makes them tick. And, in many cases, our Dealer of the Year comes from a succession of family members who have decided, for one reason or another, to continue the family business.

Art and Tony Miresse’s story is enlightening because it was a true partnership for so many years. Tony came into the business as the youngest son. Who knows what might have happened if one of the other children decided to step in front of Tony and take the reins. You can read the complete article starting on page 13.

Watching the Sales Tax Issue

Moreover, as we move through the holiday season, it will be interesting to see how the sales tax issue that is close to being resolved will affect brick-and-mortar businesses. As I’m sure most of you know, Amazon will now have to charge sales tax in most states. In many cases, this development will certainly make brick-and-mortar stores more competitive.

This is the first holiday season since the June Supreme Court ruling that gave states the go-ahead to require more companies to collect sales tax on online purchases. The hope is that more consumers will reduce their showrooming strategies and make their purchases at local business outlets.

Finally, our team at Digital Imaging Reporter wishes all of our readers the best for the holiday season. And a very happy and healthy New Year!