DIR Editor’s Note September 2018: Words from the Wise

DIR Editor’s Note September 2018: Words from the Wise


We are proud to present our State of the Industry 2018 report. Each year we reach out to the wise men and women of the imaging industry and ask them to weigh in on the prospects for the upcoming year.

Jerry Grossman

As the only business magazine devoted specifically to the imaging space, we’ve always felt an obligation to our readers to offer the best advice we can on how to stay successful in these challenging times.

Our industry is becoming more and more complex, but with that complexity comes opportunities to grow. We’re not just about cameras and lenses but rather a thriving industry that continues to address emerging issues. These include photo storage and organization, restoration, online printing, mirrorless versus DSLRs and the new wave of immersive video products that are offering solutions to a new generation of storytellers.

Words from the Wise

We are grateful to all those who contributed their perspectives on the near future of the imaging industry. As well as for their thoughts on where they see the opportunities for growth and profit. Thank you to the 30+ industry executives who made our State of the Industry 2018 so vibrant and informative.

In addition, as we approach photokina 2018, we offer our preview of this very important show. Included is a listing of some of the products that will premiere in Cologne. This year, photokina becomes an annual event; following the September show, it will be held May 2019 and each subsequent May. This is another sign that our industry is continuing to thrive as we capitalize on the challenges we all face.

Finally, we are pleased to offer comprehensive articles on professional DSLRs, the Fall Lens Scene and the current lineup of action cameras. In addition, our monthly Printing Press section is another service we are honored to bring to our readers.