DIR January 18, 2016 Editor’s Note

DIR January 18, 2016 Editor’s Note

News from CES 2016


We’re pleased to bring you the balance of our coverage of CES 2016.

For those who were not at the show, we’ve included our bonus issue of coverage from the show floor.

Jerry Grossman

CES 2016 certainly did not disappoint. Once again, the world converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center in January to experience what we may have dreamed about only a few years ago.

As Digital Imaging Reporter, our focus has always been to bring you the news that is relevant to your businesses. We’re certainly qualified to report on the latest advances in smart cars and appliances. But we’d rather spend our time on what’s important to our world of imaging.

That being said, the term digital imaging seems to be getting broader every day. Drones have certainly entered our category. And so have VR technology, 4K video and cameraphone apps.

Expanding News Coverage

Our mission going forward continues to be to expand our coverage with news that is relevant. For example, you may not be selling iPhones in your stores, but we can help you understand the diversity of apps on the market (see Eight Great Imaging Apps for Inspiration, Organization & Photo Sharing) or how Google is changing the way people are storing their images (Google Ups the Ante for Cloud-Based Photo Apps), so you can remain your customers’ digital experts.

There were some significant cameras introduced at CES. We asked Ron Eggers to choose his favorites (Digital Imaging Innovations Seen at CES), and you’ll also see the latest in our new products section, as well as in our “Just Announced” section of the bonus issue.

We pride ourselves in being the voice of digital imaging at this show, where we are the only publication that exclusively covers our industry.