DIR September 2017 Editor’s Note: Protecting the Ecosystem of Memories

DIR September 2017 Editor’s Note: Protecting the Ecosystem of Memories


As we go to press with this issue of Digital Imaging Reporter, we have just witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. And we are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma to the Florida mainland and possibly beyond.

First of all, our hearts go out to all those who have suffered losses of life and property.

Jerry Grossman

Protecting Memories: Save Your Photos Month

As members of the imaging industry, we know that more often than not, photographs and digital memories are among the first possessions people reach for when forced to abandon their homes.

Coincidentally, September is Save Your Photos Month. And now there is a website to which we can direct people that provides instruction on how to save, organize and restore those precious memories. A consortium of companies have contributed information on the steps people can take to protect their images for future generations. Among them are  the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, Vivid-Pix, Kodak Alaris and also the Imaging Alliance.

While the hurricanes were wreaking havoc, tips and webinars were added to the website. There are tutorials on how to save and restore photos even after they become drenched and damaged. In fact, all is not lost when that happens.

The imaging industry should feel responsible for the ecosystem of memories. After all, we offer products every step of the way—from capturing, editing, printing and restoring to organizing, storing and saving. As a result, when it comes to disasters that threaten these pictures, we should be the resource that people can depend on. We should be a resource to have all their questions answered.

If your customers have questions and are looking for a resource, please have them visit saveyourphotos.org.