Editor’s Note: Is There Something We Can Do?

Editor’s Note: Is There Something We Can Do?


With the recent shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, among many others, there’s the helpless feeling of what can be done to prevent this terrible violence in the future.

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Jerry Grossman

My friend Jon Sienkiewicz sent me a note last week and pointed out that “shooting” pictures (not guns) has always been part of our industry’s DNA. And while there is obviously no similarity in shooting pictures and other shootings, we were trying to brainstorm if there was a way for our industry to “substitute” cameras for guns for those who feel that “shooting” was something they had to do.

While we didn’t come up with an answer, maybe some of you reading this Editor’s Note might have some ideas. Can we offer special discounts on cameras or free family portraits for those that turn in their weapons to their local police departments? Can local stores sponsor educational programs for schools about the importance of gun safety? Are there other ways we can play a small but important part in our neighborhoods to help prevent these tragedies?

Moreover, I understand the politics behind this issue. For that reason, I’m sure that some of you would not want to participate in any program that would restrict gun ownership. However, as this becomes more of a national tragedy, we as a business community should come together in any way we can to help saves lives.

I would welcome any suggestions as to how we can help. Please e-mail me at jgrossman@photoreporter.com. I will publish ideas in our next issue.