Editor’s Note: The State of the Industry: Resilience

Editor’s Note: The State of the Industry: Resilience


Each year Digital Imaging Reporter reaches out to the leaders of the imaging industry to ask them for their perspective on how the industry is doing. As part of our annual State of the Industry report, we also ask them about the prospects for the coming year.

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Jerry Grossman

It certainly is an interesting time. No one is sure if we’re in a boom economy or on the edge of a recession. We’ve gone through a great run; however, at the same time, it’s been a challenge for retailers to keep their doors open in the face of the onslaught of Internet buying. Moreover, while consumers continue to take billions of images, many of them reside on smartphones. Or they simply get lost on social media pages. As a result, they are never monetized.

Industry Resilience

As you read through our State of the Industry report, you’ll notice a lot of optimism. You will also detect a number of interesting trends, including the resurgence of film and the remarkable growth in instant print cameras.

But more than anything, you’ll appreciate the resilience of an industry that has faced many difficult challenges. And yet it still continues to inspire every generation, from Z to the baby boomers.

We are the imaging industry’s only business magazine; as such, we feel it is our obligation to offer information that can help drive your businesses. To that end, we appreciate those industry members who have contributed their thoughts and perspectives to this special edition.