April 2019 Editor’s Note: Memories Matter

April 2019 Editor’s Note: Memories Matter


I was fortunate enough to be invited to the PRO meeting a few weeks ago, to talk about the importance of memories. The message: memories matter.

Ever since Kodak “left the building,” there is an absence of a conversation around why it is so important to preserve memories. Kodak was the standard-bearer of this message, and once they left, the message seems to have left with them.

Jerry Grossman

My feeling is that images of today’s moments are becoming devalued. Memories that were saved in photo albums for 100 years are now shared on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat. Moreover, they are gone within days, even hours.

Campaigns for Memories Matter

With this in mind, the Imaging Alliance, working with their manufacturer and dealer members, developed a campaign around the notion that “Memories Matter.” The thinking is that if consumers can once again be conscious of the importance and longevity of the images (and videos) they take, they should be using real cameras more (#realcamerasrock). They should also be printing and saving their pictures for future generations (Project 240).

You’ll hear more about Project 240 and #realcamerasrock in the coming months. The goal of these two dealer-driven programs is to remind consumers that if their memories really matter, they should be preserved for future generations.

2nd Annual NAB Issue

In addition, Digital Imaging Reporter is pleased to bring you our 2nd Annual NAB Show issue. It will help those at the show navigate the many activities taking place around imaging. We chose NAB because we believe our industry needs to broaden its horizons. We need to understand the full scope of what imaging has to offer. The many new products here at NAB will hopefully open our eyes to new possibilities within our own retail environments.

Have a great show.