DIR’s September 2015 Editor’s Note: From Family Photographer to Photography Family

DIR’s September 2015 Editor’s Note: From Family Photographer to Photography Family


I had the good fortune to attend a number of press events over the last few weeks and witness the continuing evolution of our industry.

New products are the lifeblood of almost any industry, and ours is no exception. I’m continually impressed by the commitment of the imaging companies to push the envelope and deliver products that will encourage consumers to shoot, print and share. While true breakthroughs might seem to be few and far between, that shouldn’t diminish the efforts of companies that strive to improve the images we’re producing.

Our annual State of the Industry report is usually also a report on the state of innovation. We asked 31 of our industry’s leaders to give us their take on the current status and near-term predictions for our business, and I was impressed with their enthusiasm and bullishness. There is a general recognition of the rebirth of the hobby of photography. While much of this is driven by “phoneography,” the outright enthusiasm that all age groups have demonstrated in taking and sharing images can only bode well for the future.

Our challenge is to fuel this fire by demonstrating how the combination of smartphones, DSLRs, action cams and camcorders provide a multitude of ways to capture moments and preserve memories. Where it used to be the responsibility of the “family photographer” to take the pictures, there is now a new dynamic—the “photography family,” where everyone can contribute. Think of the sales and promotion possibilities!

We hope you find our annual State of the Industry report helpful as we all plan for the holiday season.