DIR December 2016 Editor’s Note

DIR December 2016 Editor’s Note

Winning in Vegas


It’s December, and some of us are preparing to head out to Las Vegas for CES 2017. We usually have that little thought in the back of our minds . . . maybe I’ll come home a winner this year.

Well, I’m not really a gambler, but I feel like we’ve already hit the jackpot with our Dealer of the Year selection. It’s B&C Camera, which just happens to be located in Las Vegas. When I first met Joe Dumic this past summer at the PRO meeting, I was taken back by his sheer confidence in the imaging industry. His swagger was infectious. And as we kept talking, I realized that here’s a gambler who put all of his chips on the table when he bought B&C Camera a few years ago.

Jerry Grossman

I hope you enjoy his story, because it bodes well for our industry. Dumic’s notion that every big city deserves a great camera shop is as true today as it was 30 years ago. And when he rolled the dice, he was counting on more than luck. Dumic’s perseverance and confidence in the market has made him a shining example in our industry today.

Celebrate Imaging Innovation

For those of you planning on attending CES 2017 in January, please consider attending the Celebrate Imaging Innovation event. Produced by The Imaging Alliance, it will be held on January 4, 2017.

Four visionary photographers as well as three visionary retailers will be honored for pushing the envelope in our industry. And for bringing new meaning to the word “imaging.” For more information, visit www.theimagingalliance.com/celebrateimaging. It’s going to be a great night shining the light on the imaging industry.

See you in Vegas!