DIR January 9, 2018 Editor’s Note: Is It January Already?

DIR January 9, 2018 Editor’s Note: Is It January Already?


Every year it seems that January comes just a little bit sooner, and the CES show comes right along with it. We’re pleased to once again present our annual CES convention issue, complete with our signature Product Showcase.

Jerry Grossman

We also like to focus our January issue on the many new imaging technologies. They are what continue to keep our industry on the cutting edge. This special edition presents articles on augmented reality/virtual reality, transforming 360º images and our review of camera companies reaching out to tech start-up developers. The articles are included to keep our readers educated and informed about the constantly changing nature of the imaging industry.

I was also pleased to sit with Bo Kajiwara, the new president of Nikon Inc., to hear about his take on the current state of the industry. He also gave us a peek into Nikon’s future. I’ve personally known Bo for a long time. I look forward to his leadership not only at Nikon Inc. but also in our industry as a whole.

January Optimism

As we move into 2018, our industry is poised to continue building on the successes of the last few years. The health of the mirrorless and DSLR camera businesses position us quite well for the future. Also, a renewed interest in photo printing bodes very well. There are so many bright spots for this industry, including ironically, a resurgence of analog photography.

There are a lot of great things happening. Our collective challenge continues to be to keep people excited, informed and educated about the breakthroughs that are bringing about new ways to create visual stories and preserve family histories.

I’m confident that walking through the halls of this show today will give us a glimpse into what only a few years ago seemed impossible. We look forward to bringing you the news in our daily coverage tomorrow. In addition, we will also provide our CES wrap-up issue on January 22.