DIR January 5, 2017 Editor’s Note

DIR January 5, 2017 Editor’s Note

When the Predictable Becomes Unpredictable


Once again, it’s hard to believe we’ve turned the calendar to a new year. It’s the time of year where we all take a deep breath, count our blessings and plow ahead.

From a retail perspective, the business climate seems to be on the uptick. Unemployment numbers are continuing to drop steadily. An the economy is also on an upward trend. It’s hard to predict how retail will fare in the coming year. However, we’re cautiously optimistic that consumers will continue to invest in the dynamic technology that’s driving the imaging industry.

Jerry Grossman

2017 Product Trends

We’ve chosen to use our CES 2017 convention issue to examine the new product trends that should drive our category in 2017. We’re excited about the prospect of having so much interesting technology to show that will compel a new generation of customers to consider what the word “imaging” really means.

We examine areas like virtual reality, 360º-capable cameras and smartphone camera technology trends. And in my Strategy Session column, I take a close look at how we are reinventing our expectations to accept more than just photographs. We’re looking for “content” to satisfy the seemingly insatiable need for anything visual that will fill the vortex we now call social media.

New products have always been the lifeblood of success in our industry. This year is stacking up to be a watershed in the history of imaging. And I trust we’re only seeing the beginning.

After a year in which many oddsmakers here in Las Vegas probably had a tough time predicting who the new resident in the White House would be, it appears the only thing predictable these days is that our future is unpredictable. And that should make it even more fun.