DIR July/August 2016 Editor’s Note

DIR July/August 2016 Editor’s Note

The New Imaging Alliance: Uniting the Imaging Industry


This is a very exciting time for the imaging industry.

As executive director of the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA), I have been privy to the inner workings of many organizations that have operated within our industry. For the last few years, PMAI—under the extraordinary leadership of Georgia McCabe and Gaby Mullinax—has fought to evolve into a stronger, more relevant organization.

Jerry Grossman

PMDA entered into discussions with Georgia, Gaby and the PMAI board last summer. The two groups wanted to explore opportunities that would emerge if they formed a singular trade organization. Additionally, it would be an organization that would become the voice of our industry.

The result is the Imaging Alliance. The new organization recognizes our industry is changing and will take on the responsibility to evolve into a more powerful and more relevant voice in our industry.

The Imaging Alliance is forming a board that will speak to the entire industry. And it is inviting the retail community to have a voice. Furthermore, the new imaging organization will be supplying its members with a continual stream of exclusive research and industry news. In addition, it will also continue philanthropic programs that have been the hallmark of PMDA.

The goal of the Imaging Alliance is to become a unique, compelling voice in the business community. It will thereby shine the light on the strength of our industry.

The organization is offering an affiliate membership program to current as well as former PMAI members at an affordable price. Check out theimagingalliance.com and join the Imaging Alliance as the imaging industry embarks together on an exciting and rewarding future.