DIR June 2016 Editor’s Note

DIR June 2016 Editor’s Note

The Big Fish


Summer is finally here! There’s a certain sweet spot in our industry that’s dormant most of the winter, but it comes crashing through for the summer months.

An adventure is not really an adventure without having the pictures to prove it. Too many stories of 25-foot marlins being caught and bears that just got away have been greeted with nods of “yeah, right.”

Jerry Grossman

Well, having the right accessories can mean the difference between a big fish story and a big fish. When you are able to take the picture, the adventure not only becomes believable—it becomes a lifetime memory.

Our June issue is packed with stories and features on how to sell adventure. We start with “Action Cam Accessories,” where we highlight the many high-margin items that can be sold right along with that action camera. We follow this up with an article on “To-Go Travel Accessories for Savvy Shooters,” as well as our annual roundup of “Active-Lifestyle Adventure Cameras.” And, of course, you can’t go anywhere without the right camera bag, so we also cover them.

We all know that there is margin in those various accessories, so we wanted to put them in perspective for you. We hope you’re carrying enough of them—and that you’re selling the adventure.

Of course this is just step one. Customers should “feel” the excitement of summer when they walk into your store! Changing the look of your store to match the season puts people in the mood to buy more. Maybe even changing your employees’ look can add to the fun (how about a nice Hawaiian shirt?).

Make this summer an adventure for you and your customers!