DIR May 2017 Editor’s Note: We Love Hearing from You

DIR May 2017 Editor’s Note: We Love Hearing from You


May 2017: While I’ve owned this space in Digital Imaging Reporter for quite awhile, sometimes I would like nothing more than to turn it over to our readers for their reactions to our articles.

Jerry Grossman

This month we were lucky enough to receive some mail I wanted to share with all of you. Thanks to some controversial and pointed editorial from our columnists Bill McCurry and Matt Sweetwood (along with some lighthearted banter between the two), we elicited some great responses. (Note Bill’s column this month; he’s always been a true cheerleader for our industry!)

Our magazine has never been about us. It’s always been about our readers, and our mission to help the imaging industry be the best it can be. And we’re always trying to move our industry forward. For example, this month we include articles like Ron Eggers’s wrap-up of the 2017 NAB Show, which photo dealers should consider visiting next year.

Or Mason Resnick’s suggestions on how to sell 360º/VR cameras, so we can help you embrace the future of imaging.

We’d love to hear from more of you to help guide us in providing the information that can help drive our industry.  Now I proudly turn my column over to our readers.

Re: 12 Things Photo Retailers Should Do, January 16, 2017

What great proposals, Matt! In my case I tried implementing many of those as a part of my exit strategy, and it made the last year much more pleasant. In fact, it made my retail life so much easier I’d have kept the retail business going if it wasn’t just so darned appealing to retire.
Chris Lydle
Chris’ Camera Center

Re: Profit Prospects, Matt Sweetwood Is Wrong!, March 2017

Spot on, Bill. The tripod example is excellent. The same is true with lights and stands. I carry less quantity of some items but at least one of many slow movers. The other important thing is to have knowledgeable sales staff with positive attitudes.
Mike Rausch
Colonial Photo & Hobby

Re: Profit Prospects, Matt Sweetwood Is Wrong!, March 2017

Love the straight talk on colors, Bill. Many great customers in camera stores today are ladies. And ladies love color. Well honestly I do, too. Nothing better than a display of tripods in six different colors. Who cares if most people still buy black. It brightens the whole store.

Options are why people go into a local store. They are checking options and “shopping.” Give them an experience and make them feel good. When they have options and make a decision they are empowered. The last thing you want to do is be told you only have this or that option.
Stan Grosz
Horn Photo

Re: What Does Your Logo Say about You?, March 2017

Thanks for the great article, Jerry. We worked really hard on relaunching our logo last year. In addition to adding a new tagline, we changed the typeface and dropped the “Exchange” from our name.

This was all done as an effort to modernize our business. We’ve also paid very close attention to detail. If anyone needs a recommendation for a good logo guy, let me know!
Moishe Appelbaum
Midwest Photo