DIR November 2016 Editor’s Note

DIR November 2016 Editor’s Note

Framing the Perfect Gift


You don’t have to be reminded that it’s holiday season. In fact, you’re probably just getting around to reading this issue of Digital Imaging Reporter because you’ve been so busy planning.

But customers have to be reminded that photo-related gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. Long after the wrapping paper is stuffed into the garbage can, just about every photo gift will continue to give—from cards and prints to cameras and lenses.

Jerry Grossman

I’m not sure, however, that photo gifting is as top of mind as it used to be. There is so much clutter out there right now; with customers being bombarded with messages from so many media outlets, it’s a challenge just to break through.

You have to make your marketing dollars work as hard as they can. Targeted social media sites are certainly a great place to spend your hardworking ad dollars these days. Because that’s where the eyeballs tend to be.

As many of us heard at the PRO meeting in September, Facebook followers can be tightly targeted almost down to the individual. But media targeting is just part of the equation. Your message has to be on target as well.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Every retailer screams “great gift ideas” during this season. But the gifts you offer, unlike Uncle Bob’s sweater or the Apple Watch you bought your daughter, will truly last a lifetime. In some ways, the products you sell are an investment in your customers’ future.

The cameras, lenses and accessories you sell will enable them to capture a lifetime of memories. And the prints, photo books and photo gift products you offer will last for generations, well after your daughter’s Apple Watch is obsolete. (Kim Brady offers some great gift ideas.)

So think about your marketing message this holiday season. Does it just blend in with the crowd? Or are you out there screaming the true value that you offer?—a gift that will last for generations.