Editor’s Note: 2020 Visions for the Imaging Industry

Editor’s Note: 2020 Visions for the Imaging Industry


As the years continue to fly by, the CES show has always signaled the turning of the calendar. This year, as we enter a new decade, it also makes us consider 2020 Visions for our industry. 

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Jerry Grossman

As usual, CES marks time by showcasing the newest technologies in a vast array of product categories. This year is no different; so we hope those who have made the trip to Las Vegas are able take in the newest that imaging technology has to offer. We specifically recommend visiting the Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic booths. These four giants in the imaging industry always “lift their games” this time each year.

We also look back at this time to measure the successes and challenges we faced in 2019. It is no secret that the imaging industry has had to shift its focus over the last few years. However, we are now seeing the fruits of those developments.

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras have taken their rightful step as a strong alternative to DSLRs; video capabilities and VR cameras also continue to offer the newest generation of videographers and vloggers significant tools.

In addition, printing once again is on the rise. And, of course, smartphones continue to improve their technologies with in-camera tools to create sensational images and videos.

2020 Visions

The imaging industry has been fortunate over the years to have powerful, dedicated companies creating new technology milestones each and every year. This will continue to be an important driver as we shift our focus on new, younger customers who are among the first generations to use photography not just as a memory marker but as a communications tool every day of their lives.

We will have a CES wrap-up issue coming your way in just a few weeks; it will highlight the new product introductions as well as imaging trends gleaned at CES 2020.

Enjoy the show!