Editor’s Note: The Best of the Best

Editor’s Note: The Best of the Best


It’s so difficult to determine what makes a product the “best of the best” in the market. Sometimes there are two or three “best” imaging products in a category, depending on your criteria.

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Jerry Grossman
Best of the Best

When we run our annual survey for our Retailers’ Choice Awards, we ask our readers to choose their favorite products in each category. We realize that retailers might have a brand preference. Or they might think that some products are easier to sell than others. Or perhaps, a company representative woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. You never know.

All I know is that once again retailers were eager to let their opinions be known when it came to their favorite products. From cameras and lenses to bags and tripods, your votes were calculated. The award winners as well as runners-up are published here.

As always, we appreciate your participation in our survey. Moreover, it is always fun to hear from all of you. In addition, it is fun to watch the horse race as it develops each year and see which products cross the finish line first. Congratulations to the winners in each category.

We’re also pleased to highlight in this issue some of the best speedlights on the market. Speedlight technology has come so far. What’s more, unlike cameraphones, on-camera flash units can literally light up a scene from multiple angles. They remain a true point of difference in our industry. We hope you enjoy Jason Schneider’s roundup here.

Best wishes for a great fall season.