Editor’s Note: Our E-tailer of the Year

Editor’s Note: Our E-tailer of the Year

DIR 6-2021 Issue cover

It is easy to see how e-tailing has become such a vital part  of the imaging business, especially over the last year. I don’t know about you, but the Amazon, FedEx and UPS drivers in my neighborhood became our local heroes; they delivered packages almost daily to so many afraid to leave their homes or neighborhoods. Moreover, retailers who responded with aggressive e-tail and online strategies benefited from all those consumers who had a little extra cash to spend while waiting out the pandemic. That leads us to our E-tailer of the Year.

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Jerry Grossman
Lessons from the E-tailer of the Year

What we learned this year from our winner, Dan’s Camera City, is that success in e-tailing doesn’t always mean record Internet sales. In Dan’s case, it was more about using the power of social media and the Internet to create in-store sales.

We can all learn from their success by looking at e-tailing as, in addition to creating Internet-based sales, a broad-based effort to bring people into stores through e-mail campaigns, social media audience gathering and creating tools for potential customers to learn about your business.

Digital Imaging Reporter is also honored to be a part of TIPA. Founded in 1991, the Technical Image Press Association offers a global panel of knowledgeable experts who have earned a reputation for the honest and trustworthy appraisal of photo-imaging products. We are thrilled to be among the many international publications that offer reviews of products across the globe. You can find a list of the winners of the 2021 TIPA World Awards here. A special thanks to George Schaub for bringing us to the TIPA organization.

We hope that you all enjoy your summer as the world begins to look normal again. It feels good to hug our family and friends.