Editor’s Note: Wrapping Up CES 2019

Editor’s Note: Wrapping Up CES 2019


The whirlwind that is called the CES show is now in our rearview mirror.

Historically, Digital Imaging Reporter delivered three consecutive daily magazines at CES, to provide our readers with up-to-the-minute reports. Then a few years ago, we decided that rather than publish our third issue at the show, we would take a week to digest what we just saw and deliver our CES wrap-up issue with some well-deserved perspective.

Jerry Grossman

Having writers like Ron Eggers travel the show floor and present his broad overview of the hottest products at CES is just one benefit of this publication strategy. Ron delivers an in-depth look at the products that were most impressive.

Trade shows enable companies large and small to try to make an impression on the business of technology. CES is no different. The booths are more of a statement than a rational sales strategy. Companies might better spend the enormous dollars for booth design and construction, floor space and personnel on improving their bottom line. But for many exhibitors, a show like this provides an opportunity to meet with so many domestic and international visitors. Without this venue, it would be virtually impossible to schedule appointments.

CES 2019: Thriving CE

CES certainly makes a statement that the consumer electronics business is alive and thriving. But the decision to attend the show has to always be weighed against the expense. And each year, as I roam the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, my feet question my decision. CES CTA-Logo-ComboIn the end, I have to admit that it’s fun to see what the “next thing” might be, to visit with old friends and colleagues, and to experience today what consumers might be pining for in a few short years. So I’ll just keep coming back and, hopefully, provide you, our readers, with a taste of what’s to come.