January 8, 2019 Editor’s Note: It’s About the Image

January 8, 2019 Editor’s Note: It’s About the Image


As CES continues to grow, Digital Imaging Reporter remains the only trade magazine in the image industry covering the consumer technology show solely from an imaging perspective.

We realize the common perception is that so much of “consumer electronics” has little to do with imaging or images. But in fact so much of it really does. From virtual reality to drone cameras and almost-impossible frames-per-second capture, consumers are consistently drawn to technology that pushes the limits of imaging to the next tier.

Jerry Grossman

The imaging industry has been in the process over the last few years of broadening their perspective on what we should be. If we focused purely on cameras and accessories, we would have gone out of business years ago. But the industry has refocused its attention on not only capturing still and video images but also understanding the consumer’s need to store, organize, archive and share images.

We’ve embraced virtual reality storytelling as part of our mix, encouraging these technologies to become a part of what “imaging” really is. We understand the rise of cinema-quality cameras and lenses. And the way they are literally changing the way movies are now produced. Our cameras are now lighter, faster and able to capture images that the human eye can’t even see.

It’s About the Image

Yet with all of this, we also understand the basis of what makes imaging irreplaceable. It’s not about the technology. It’s about the image. The memory that is captured in 1/500th of a second can do anything. It can bring a smile to a grandmother’s face and tell the story of famine halfway around the world.

Imaging is about sharing memories that will stand the test of time. Moreover, it’s about unleashing the power of the singular image to tell stories that can influence change. As we lose ourselves in the crowds of CES this week, remember how we can continue to make a difference.

It will always be about the image.