November 2018 Editor’s Note: Marketing Will Make a Difference

November 2018 Editor’s Note: Marketing Will Make a Difference


There are a lot of positive numbers lining up to make this a record-breaking year for the imaging industry. Those numbers should be complemented by renewed marketing strategies.

First of all, the economy is in good shape. Moreover, customers should have some dollars they’ve allocated to their shopping budget. Consumer confidence numbers are higher than they’ve been in a while, and the employment rate is relatively high as well. All of this points to motivated consumers with some dollars (or credit cards) in their pockets.

Jerry Grossman

In addition, photokina and PhotoPlus Expo just motivated our industry to roll out some fantastic new cameras, lenses and accessories—specifically in the mirrorless category. We’re projecting that this will create a new buzz in the market. Those who have been waiting for some of the leading brands to show their cards (finally!) should now be set to make some significant moves.

I just attended PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. I could literally feel the energy in the Javits Convention Center. This only bodes well for the pent-up demand for our newest technologies.

Enter Marketing

So what’s the key to making this happen? MARKETING!!! This is the time to get on the bandwagon and drive people into your stores. Don’t wait for customers to walk in on their own volition. Drive them into your stores!

It is time to make an investment in marketing programs that will entice your loyal followers as well as those who occasionally drop by. There has seldom been a more exciting year in the imaging space.

In addition, step up your social media efforts. Increase your classes. Promote your in-store events. Put some loss leaders into your mix to bring people into your stores. (Ever notice that the milk that’s on sale is always at the back of the store? That’s no accident!) Look at your pricing and aggressively promote your best deals.

Let’s take advantage of the momentum in the imaging market. Given the state of the economy as well as the sheer number of new products, an investment in your marketing programs would be a wise move.