Strategy Session: Finding What’s Next—the 2018 NAB Show

Strategy Session: Finding What’s Next—the 2018 NAB Show


So, what does the editor of Digital Imaging Reporter expect to accomplish at the National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) show?

Quite simply, I’m always on the lookout for shows and venues that will force me, and hopefully our readers, to examine the market, and their stores, and look for the “next thing” that can keep our businesses moving forward.

As we all are well aware, the imaging industry has been on a consistent quest to stay relevant over the last few years. It hasn’t always been easy.  While picture “taking” is way up, the camera business is just starting to rebound after years of battling the habits of casual photographers who are happy just to take a quick image with a smartphone and share it with the world.

I’m a lot less worried about the camera enthusiast who will forever strive to take the next great picture. I’m much more excited about leading the conversation with the next generation of customers.

For those of you here at NAB, I encourage you to seek out the “next thing” for the imaging industry. Think about content creation as well as VR initiatives and what new technologies you should “own” as a retailer. It should be an exciting show. For those who did not make it to NAB this year, we’ll have a comprehensive review in our next issue.

In the meantime, I asked some leaders of our industry what they expect to accomplish at the 2018 NAB Show.

trade-talk-bubbleNAB Trade Talk

Jay Vannatter

“NAB is the perfect opportunity to show the world the unlimited possibilities that Nikon capture technologies and optics, in combination with MRMC automation and robotics, can offer. Together, our new innovations are pushing forward the possibilities to expand creative control. And they are also helping to realize more efficient and higher quality productions.”—Jay Vannatter, Nikon Inc.

Meredith Reinker

“As media, technology and content continue to quickly change and evolve, it is increasingly important to know what trends, technologies and also platforms are important to our customers. Attending a show like NAB helps us to stay informed and inspired.”—Meredith Reinker, Roberts Camera

Neal Manowitz

“NAB is a great opportunity to meet with and get feedback on product development from our customers in many markets. As Sony continues to innovate our cameras, we’re able to offer this same diverse user base a broader selection of imaging solutions at any budget level. We are seeing professionals using a wider range of imaging products than ever before. They span from Venice to RX0 and everything in between—often all on the same project.”—Neal Manowitz, Sony

Eliott Peck

“Canon’s presence at NAB 2018 continues to demonstrate our strong commitment to today’s filmmakers, broadcast professionals as well as the production ecosystem. As acquisition and delivery standards are disrupting the market, our dedication to supporting professional clients remains constant. From the facility in Burbank, a resource center for solutions and insights and one-on-one service, to the new full-frame cinema camera and robust lineup of optics, we stand by our commitment to provide leading technology, products and support.”—Eliott Peck, Canon USA

Dan Unger

“NAB is an important show, as Panasonic Lumix has the opportunity to communicate with an audience that is video-centric. We see this show as one that is becoming more significant every year.”—Dan Unger, Panasonic

Jim Malcolm

“For Humaneyes Technologies, the NAB Show is a unique imaging conference. It combines the best media companies, entertainment professionals as well as innovative technology products all in one program. And it is focused squarely on the creative visual community.”—Jim Malcolm, Humaneyes Technologies, Ltd.