The Last Word:

The Last Word:

The Photo Tips Website with Something for Everyone!

Last-Word-Graphic-REv helps consumers find meaningful ways to incorporate photography into many aspects of their everyday lives, while assisting them in making intelligent decisions about buying new cameras and accessories.

The site, which is sponsored by PMDA and its member companies, incorporates profiles of professional photographers and celebrity photographers, photographic tips and techniques, photo contests, ideas for fun ways to use photography, tips on purchasing photographic equipment, plus a glossary of photographic terms and photo event information.

Easy-to-use, how-to articles help consumers take better pictures, and celebrity photography stories show them that even the famous have enriched their lives with photography. It is an all-in-one photographic resource you can recommend to your customers to enhance their photographic experience.

Photo Tips and Techniques
In the Photo Tips and Techniques section, visitors can learn just about everything they may be looking for to improve their photography. From camera and lens choice to camera settings and lighting, there is an article for nearly every technical photo question on There are also seasonal-specific photo tips throughout the year, making the website a daily destination. Comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow articles on shooting landscapes, wildlife, people, portraits, sports, weather and more can all be found in this robust section of the site.

TGP-screenTake Better Photos
In partnership with the Consumer Technology Association, features three simple tutorials to making better photos. These user-friendly guides cover camera features to consider, what the features mean, and what else consumers should consider to improve their photography. A combination of text and graphics make these tutorials an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about photography, or simply improve their pictures.

Software, Travel, Printing Techniques
Whether looking for information on photo software and printing, or how to approach the next great travel adventure, has it covered. Some of the most renown photographers in the world “take” site visitors on their greatest photo adventures in the Travel Photography section. Visitors can learn how to make their next photo adventure, or even a family vacation, a photo trip to remember.

Learn from the Pros
Master photographers from all genres of photography share their passion, inspiration, and secrets to help visitors achieve results like their photo mentors. From wildlife to portraits, travel and even photo storytelling, the pros discuss the techniques they used to capture some of the most iconic photographs of our time.

Visitors will be delighted with the Celebrities Who Shoot section of the site. Film, TV and music stars share their “other” passion—photography—and consumers get a more personal look into the lives of some of Hollywood’s greatest. They discuss what inspires them and offer a behind-the-scenes look into their private lives.

Reviews and Events is also a great resource for consumer-friendly product reviews. From cameras and lenses to the coolest new accessories, these reviews will help guide consumers when looking to make their next photo purchase. Hands-on reviews give even the novice photographer a sense of what a new lens or accessory can do to help improve their pictures.

From aperture to zoom, the glossary is a rich resource of photography definitions. Anyone starting off in photography will find it to be the go-to resource for photography information. More advanced photographers who might not be clear on a term will also find this glossary helpful.

Contests and Workshops
Throughout the year, offers incredible giveaways through various contests. From digital cameras to DSLR lenses, and even photo backpacks and tripods, there are always incredible prizes for anyone who loves photography. Users simply enter with an e-mail address for a chance to win an amazing piece of photo gear.

Daily Photo Destination
The Take Great Pictures Facebook page is a place to share images with others while staying up to date on the latest articles and contests. And, as mentioned, the seasonal photo tips on will keep visitors coming back throughout the year, making the website a daily destination. delivers step-by-step photo taking tips, ideas and inspiration, and photo articles to help anyone become a better photographer. Recommend it to your customers and employees alike to keep up to date on the latest.

Tracy Mack-Jackson

 Tracy Mack-Jackson is the president of The IDP Group, a company that helps clients use the Internet to improve business performance by blending strategy, technology and creative expertise to deliver highly effective Internet solutions. Previously, she held senior management roles at several imaging industry companies. She was senior manager of Internet Development at Nikon Inc. for five years and before that spent five years at the Disney Institute managing the Photography Entertainment Arts Department. She also has worked as a photojournalist as well as a photography and graphics editor in the newspaper industry.