2018 Sony World Photography Awards Honors 40 American Photographers

2018 Sony World Photography Awards Honors 40 American Photographers


San Diego, CA—The World Photography Awards honored the work of 40 American photographers by shortlisting as well as commending their photographs as the top 50 in the world in the awards’ Professional, Open and Youth competitions.

Moreover, of the 81 nationalities included on the shortlist, the United States has the fourth highest number of photographers presented.

Produced by the World Photography Organization, the 11th edition of the Sony World Photography Awards saw a record-breaking 320,000 submissions by photographers from more than 200 countries and territories. wpo-logoIn the Professional competition, 10 American photographers were recognized for strong bodies of work between 5–10 images. Furthermore, the Open competition, which rewards the best single image across 10 separate categories, features five American photographers on the shortlist. In addition, 23 other photographers from across the United States were placed top 50 in the world (commended) across the 10 categories of the Open competition. Moreover, the Youth competition featured two American photographers shortlisted in the top 10.

The work of all shortlisted as well as commended photographers will be exhibited at the Sony World Photography Awards 2018 exhibition in London from April 20 to May 6. The Open competition winners will be announced on March 20. Moreover, the overall and Professional category winners will be revealed April 19, 2018.

The Professional Shortlist

In the Professional competition, 10 American photographers were recognized as capturing the top 10 series in the world. Brett Leigh Dicks investigates a notorious new Mexico prison site, while Lauren Greenfield explores humanity’s growing obsession with wealth as part of a 25-year project.

Kaleb White, U.S., The Roar: Professional, Natural World & Wildlife (2018 Professional competition), Shortlist, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

Furthermore, Kaleb White explores striking red deer stags in a series called The Roar. On being shortlisted he said: “Success to me is influencing awareness of hard work as well as inspiring the next artist. The Roar series of images is a result of hours spent planning, patiently observing animal behavior, sneaking into a wild animal’s red zone, understanding light and also weathering Mother Nature.”

The 10 American photographers in the Professional shortlist include:

●     Llewellyn Berry, Creative (Middle River, Maryland)
●     Brett Leigh Dicks, Architecture (Santa Barbara, California)
●     Mitch Dobrowner, Natural World and Wildlife (Studio City, California)
●     Lauren Greenfield, Contemporary Issues (Venice, California)
●     Mark Edward Harris, Natural World and Wildlife (Los Angeles, California)
●     Sebastian Meyer, Contemporary Issues (New York, New York)
●     Christopher Occhicone, Portraiture (Orange, New Jersey)
●     Tristan Spinski, Still Life (Portland, Oregon)
●     Patrick Smith (Baltimore, Maryland)
●     Kaleb White, Natural World and Wildlife (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Sebastian Meyer, U.S., Under Every Yard of Sky: Professional, Contemporary Issues (Professional competition), Shortlist, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

The Open Shortlist

Shortlisted images across the Open competition are drawn from a range of inspirations. This year, five American photographers were shortlisted as top 10 in this competition. Jassen Todorov was inspired by aerial shots of Cadiz in Spain during the “golden hour.”

Also, Richard Frishman seeks out lunch in the hunting country of rural Texas, documenting American culture through the roadside landscape.

On his inspiration Frishman said: “Cross-country car trips have been a part of my life since 1965, when my parents packed my brother, sister and I into the back of a Pontiac and drove from Chicago to Disneyland. What I love the most is finding as well as documenting bits of our curious American culture that are easily overlooked and ephemeral.”

Wenjie Qiao, U.S., Solar Eclipse Sequence: Open, Enhanced (Open competition), Shortlist, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

The five Americans on the Open shortlist are:

●    Jassen Todorov, Architecture (San Francisco, California)
●    Wenjie Qiao, Enhanced (San Diego, California)
●    Carlos DeLaRosa Jr., Motion (Los Angeles, California)
●    Richard Frishman, Still Life (Langley, Washington)
●    Richard Winston, Travel (Dallas, Texas)

Open Commended Honorees

The judges of the Sony World Photography Awards also commended the images of 23 U.S. photographers in the awards’ Open competition. It honored them as the top 50 entries in their respective categories. These photographers are:

●    Clark Perkins, Still Life (Parrish, Florida)
●    Ahna Tessler, Culture (New York, New York)
●    Lily Jiang, Enhanced (USA)
●    Daniel Kessel, Enhanced (USA)
●    Ellen Jantzen, Enhanced (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
●    Adam Pintar, Motion (Indianapolis, Indiana)
●    Remy Kai, Motion (USA)
●    Phillip Chang, Landscape and Nature (USA)
●    Huibo Hou, Landscape and Nature (San Diego, California)
●    Jet Long, Landscape and Nature (Los Angeles, California)
●    Hal Gage, Landscape and Nature (Anchorage, Alaska)
●    George Etheredge, Landscape and Nature (New York, New York)

Corey Arnold, U.S., Roadside Friend: Open, Wildlife (Open competition), Commended, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

●    Sabina Miklowitz, Portraiture (USA)
●    Steve Lease, Portraiture (Doylestown, Pennsylvania)
●    Jenna Bellonby, Portraiture (Milford, Connecticut)
●    D’Arcy McGrath, Portraiture (commended twice) (Seattle, Washington)
●    Christoph Fendt, Still Life (Anaheim, California)
●    Leon Syfrit, Still Life (Las Vegas, Nevada)
●    Richard Frishman (Langley, Washington)
●    Richard Winston, Still Life (Langley, Washington)
●    John Fan, Wildlife (Chicago, Illinois)
●    Sunil Gopalan, Wildlife (Madison, Wisconsin)
●    Corey Arnold, Wildlife (Portland, Oregon)

The Youth Shortlist

In addition, this competition saw a diverse range of entries from 12- to 19-year-old photographers who submitted one image on the theme of Your Environment. This year, two young American were shortlisted. Megan Johnson, a 16 year old from Guilford, Connecticut, reflects upon teenage loneliness. Sophia Palacio, a 16 year old from Mobile, Alabama, was also honored. She poignantly addresses the topic of teenage suicide. worldphoto.org