20th Lucie Impact Award Winners

20th Lucie Impact Award Winners


Los Angeles, CA—For the first time in its history, the Lucie Foundation will grant the 20th Lucie Impact Award to 32 individual photographers. Further, they were chosen because their images and/or bodies of work have made a substantial impact during the current year.

Abed Zagout

“17th-century clergyman Thomas Fuller said, ‘Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.’ Never has that been more meaningful than today. Impactful, heartrending images are pouring out of Gaza, each more unbearable to witness than the other. Many are taken while bombs are dropping or during rescue efforts shortly thereafter by photojournalists who run towards the explosions and not away from them,” commented James K. Colton, editor at large, Zuma Press and Lucie Foundation board member.

Dawoud Aboalkas

“As a member of the Lucie Foundation advisory board, it became obvious that it would be impossible to choose a single photographer or a single image for the Impact Award. Hence, it is our honor to acknowledge the combined work of 17 local photographers for their heroic efforts in covering this war. Thank you for your courage, your dedication and for allowing us to ‘feel the truth.’”

20th Lucie Impact Award Winners

For their heroic work on the ground in Gaza, the photographers listed below are part of the group Impact Award for 2023.

Mahmoud Bassam

Mohammed Abed

Dawoud Aboalkas

Saher Alghorra

Ashram Amra

Omar N. Ashtawy

Loay Ayyoub

Motaz Azaiza

Majdi Fathi

Mahmoud Bassam

Mohammed Dahman

Atia Darwish

Samar Abu Elouf

Majdi Fathi

Mahmud Hams

Ahmad Hasaballah

Ahmad Hasaballah

Mustafa Hassona

Ali Jadallah

Belal Khaled

Said Khatib

Mohamed Al-Masri

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Suhail Nassar

Wissam Nassar

Haitham Nuralden

Saber Nouraldin

Haitham Nuralden

Yasser Qudih

Mohammed Jadallah Salem

Fatima Shbair

Mohammed Talatene

Bashar Taleb

Mohammed Zaanoun

Fatima Shbair

Abed Zagout

Ahmed Zakot