6Sight Conference to Explore Augmented Reality, 3D & Future of Photography

6Sight Conference to Explore Augmented Reality, 3D & Future of Photography


Jackson, MI—The 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference (6sight.com) announced the program for its 2010 event, to be held November 15-17 at the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, California. The conference will focus on innovative topics in imaging, including augmented reality, 3D cameras and printers, Internet-connected cameras, digital video and smarter cameraphones. It will also present 
advances in image output and how emerging output products and services could transform photographic digital printing with new revenue-generating opportunities.

In regard to cameras, sessions will highlight the latest features, upcoming technology and trends that pros and consumers will soon see in digital cameras, as well as the possibility of Internet connectivity. And, since HD video capabilities continue in popularity, 6Sight will look at how video capture on still cameras, services and displays can be monetized.

Smarter cameraphones will also be discussed in regard to their 
influence on the development of digital cameras, because of the appeal of their “always on” connectivity, open operating system and app sales.

6Sight will feature two leading imaging technology researchers as the 2010 keynote speakers. Leading off day one will be a keynote from Blair MacIntyre, director of the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has conducted AR research for 17 years, developing AR as a medium for games, entertainment and education. MacIntyre will discuss how augmented reality will affect photo-imaging in the near future.

Day two will focus on the future of digital cameras, with a keynote by Marc Levoy, professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University. Levoy’s work focuses on computational photography, the use of advanced algorithms and processing to take imaging beyond the replacement of film. Levoy has worked on computer animation, displaying 3D functions and 3D laser scanning, and he also codesigned the Google book scanner and helped launch Google Street View. He will demonstrate his current project, the “Frankencamera,” a fully programmable camera that demonstrates how capture devices can be customized and upgraded. “We think there should be plug-ins for cameras and app stores that sell these plug-ins,” said Levoy.

Two other conferences will colocate at 6Sight.

The I3A Conference, November 17-18, is an opportunity for industry leaders to review the latest trends, learn about new technologies and explore avenues for innovation while exchanging knowledge and developing ideas for overcoming obstacles. This conference provides attendees with an interactive environment where they can meet and exchange thoughts and gather insights to take back to their companies. 

The AIE Output Summit, November 15, will take an in-depth look at the future of photographic output and the implications for imaging professionals. Top analysts will share their visions of the new landscape of digital output and present their most current data. This will be followed by a roundtable panel discussion digging into the implications behind the numbers. Leading digital printing companies will share their visions of the current market, changing behavioral patterns of customers, what markets are emerging and how to take advantage of these opportunities. The managers of innovative imaging facilities will discuss how they have adapted to the changes in technology and customer behavior, and where they see the next big opportunities. pmai.org/6sight_conference.aspx?id=19962