Camera Ready Holds 50MP Camera Shoot-Out

Camera Ready Holds 50MP Camera Shoot-Out


Dallas, TX—Recently, Camera Ready Studios in Dallas, Texas, and the Dallas ASMP hosted a shootout of 50 megapixel cameras. The shoot-out pitted the Pentax 645Z, the Hasselblad H5D-50c and Canon EOS 5DS R cameras against each other.

Nearly 25 attendees had the opportunity to shoot with and compare the three 50MP cameras. Hasselblad also brought out some Broncolor lighting. Consumers could also view photos from the event in Camera Ready’s Facebook photo album.

Camera Ready created a still life setup in its studio for the event. “The comparison is not perfectly scientific, but as close as we could get to matching. . . . We aren’t analyzing differences in software, ergonomics, functions and the like—as everyone will have different preferences, and that level of analysis would require much more ‘hands on’ time to document,” noted a company spokesperson.

A 100% crop from the original 50MP image files.

No editing was performed on the images at all. The goal was to note the quality “straight out of camera.” The participants voted the Pentax 645Z as the winner of the shoot-out, but you can judge for yourself. To view the comparison shots, visit In each collage you’ll see images from the Hasselblad H5D-50c on the left, the Pentax 645Z in the middle, and the Canon 5DS at the right. You can click any image to download the full-size image of the triptych.