DigiLabs Pro StudioShare for iPhone: A Pro Photo Proofing & Sales App

DigiLabs Pro StudioShare for iPhone: A Pro Photo Proofing & Sales App


Palo Alto, CA—DigiLabs Pro, which provides pro photographers with a cost-effective and flexible online proofing and fulfillment solution, released StudioShare, an iPhone application designed to give professional photographers a new outlet to market to customers. The free application, available on the iTunes Store, allows clients to review their photos and place orders anytime, anywhere from their iPhone—enabling pro photographers to generate revenue from the immense audience of millions of iPhone users.

As with the flagship DigiLabs Web galleries, the application can be tailored to a photographer’s own brand and is seamless to their customers.

“The continued popularity of smartphone devices, particularly the iPhone, should open an enormous revenue channel for independent professional photographers. Most pros, however, don’t have the resources to work directly with the iPhone technology,” said Chanan Steinhart, CEO and cofounder of DigiLabs. “StudioShare breaks down that barrier for pro photographers and lets them both manage their galleries and receive orders on the iPhone. With improved marketing and sales outlet, photographers should find StudioShare a welcome boost to their businesses.”

StudioShare’s specialized features include: giving clients the ability to view, share and order photos and to review images in a slideshow format; automatic updates; secure ordering; easy-to-use navigation through categories; and its availability on all iPhone models, including the 3GS. digilabspro.com/app