DIR January 19, 2015 Editor’s Note: Making Sense of the 2015 International...

DIR January 19, 2015 Editor’s Note: Making Sense of the 2015 International CES


Now that the 2015 International CES is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a breath and try to make sense of the craziness we all know as CES.

It’s difficult enough to navigate Las Vegas during a normal week, and CES always brings its unique challenges (like finding a cab, for one). But it’s also an amazing experience to see companies compete for the attention of the 170,000-plus visitors that crowd the halls each year.

We try to organize the show by honing in on what we feel are the important imaging stories that will affect our readers in the months to come. Formerly publishing three daily issues at CES, we found that delivering a wrap-up issue one week after the show allowed us to sit back, analyze the news and work through the clutter for our readers. For those who did not attend the show, we’ve included an additional issue of on-site coverage, giving our readers a complete three-issue outlook on this important event.

You’ll see in this issue an overview of new products from six major imaging companies who exhibited at the show; a report by Ron Eggers on six important product offerings he discovered in Vegas; the latest on cameraphone accessories; and interviews with four dealers at the show by our senior editor, Jason Schneider. My Strategy Session offers my personal view on booth strategies from the show floor.

In the coming months, we’ll report on products that we’ve seen under NDA at the show (and there were some exciting ones), and of course, we will continue to bring you the news that matters most in our industry.

Our wrap-up issue is our way of making sure we deliver to our readers the important news that will keep you ahead of the trends in 2015.