DIR January 20, 2014 Editor’s Note: Wrapping It Up

DIR January 20, 2014 Editor’s Note: Wrapping It Up


While the 2014 International CES closed its doors a mere 72 hours ago (as of this writing), our editors here at Digital Imaging Reporter wanted to give you their take on it just as soon as possible.

Our aim with this issue was to step back for a few days, take a collective deep breath and decide what the main highlights were in the digital imaging arena at the show. We’ve tried to organize it by major camera brand introductions, present those products we thought most intriguing, offer some dealer opinions and provide overall insights from industry leaders and contributors throughout the magazine.

You’ll also notice you’ve received additional on-site coverage of the show along with this issue. Following up on our January 7 convention issue, this gives you a complete three-issue outlook of this important event.

For those of you lucky enough to have made the trip (despite airline and weather delays), I think you’ll agree that while somewhat overwhelming, this show, along with PMA@CES and the DIMA Conference, offered many opportunities to network, to learn and to grasp the totality of the consumer electronics business. As I’ve said often, the imaging business is now part of a much larger ecosystem, and the more we understand our unique and exciting place in the CE world, the more successful we will be.

On a side note, we recently introduced our free Digital Imaging Reporter app on the Apple iTunes store, as well as an Android version, to download onto your smartphones and tablets. It’s just another way to enjoy our complete coverage of the digital imaging business, so search for Digital Imaging Reporter in the app store today.