Eastman Museum to Host David Levinthal Retrospective

Eastman Museum to Host David Levinthal Retrospective

In 2018, “David Levinthal: War, Myth, Desire” Will Be His First Museum Retrospective in 20+ Years

© David Levinthal, Untitled work from the series Wild West

Rochester, NY—The George Eastman Museum will premiere a retrospective of the work of artist David Levinthal next summer. The exhibition, David Levinthal: War, Myth, Desire, is set to open June 2, 2018 and will run through December 30, 2018.

David Levinthal

David Levinthal: War, Myth, Desire is the first museum retrospective of the artist’s photography in more than twenty years. The exhibition will include nearly 200 prints, along with related books and ephemera.

In addition, it will give visitors a unique opportunity to consider Levinthal’s most recent work alongside key works from the full scope of his career.

David Levinthal

Since the mid-1970s, David Levinthal has been exploring the relationship between photographic imagery and the fantasies, myths, events and characters that shape contemporary America’s mental landscape.

This exhibition will include photographs from all of his major series to date. The best known include Hitler Moves East (1972–1975), Modern Romance (1983–1985), The Wild West (1986–1989), Desire (1991–1992), Blackface (1995–1998), Barbie (1997–1998), Baseball (1998–2004) and History (2010–2015). In addition, the museum will showcase never-before-exhibited outtakes, commissions and archival materials.

© David Levinthal, Untitled work from the series Baseball, 20×24 Polaroid Polacolor ER Land Film

A publication with essays by well-known art critic and longtime friend of the artist, Dave Hickey, contemporary art specialist Joanna Marsh and exhibition curator Lisa Hostetler will accompany the exhibition. The set will include a book of essays on Levinthal’s career and three books of plates. Each illustrates a key theme in his oeuvre—war, myth and desire—which the artist himself identified.

George Eastman Museum

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