Face Detection On The Way

Face Detection On The Way


Just as in-camera Anti-Shake technology was all the rage through the latter stages of 2005 and into 2006, it appears as though Face Detection technology will

Several major digital camera manufacturers have hinted at plans to include some form of face detection software in models set for release later this year. The software essentially works by detecting the presence of a human face in the frame and then subsequently directing the lens’ focusing attention on that subject(s).

UK-based Pixology had announced their plans to come to market with face detection software earlier this year but recently stated they have pushed back the launch date. Dubbed FaceDetect, an in-camera solution that will come with the promise of improving a digicam’s auto-focus and auto-exposure functions, by automatically locating the most important areas in the picture.

The manufacturers we spoke with that are potentially releasing digicams with face detection capability indicated the tech they will be using is proprietary.

Elsewhere in face detection land, Kodak has demo’d a face detection software program for the computer that can identify objects/faces in a given image and then locate other images on a hard drive with the same attributes. While not yet ready for primetime, this kind of technology would go a long way toward solving the dilemma many consumers are facing when it comes to locating a specific image(s) that they want to have printed that is located among the thousands they may have stored on their drives.

Expect to see more on this topic in a future issue of PictureBusiness.