Contribute to CEA’s Industry Forecasts

Contribute to CEA’s Industry Forecasts


Have you ever wondered where the sales figures and forecasts from Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) punctuating the pages of Dealerscope and other industry publications come from?

Twice each year, CEA updates its forecast for more than 100 consumer electronics (CE) products. This forecast serves as the benchmark for the CE industry, charting the size and growth of underlying categories and the industry as a whole.

While the scope of CEA’s industry forecast is vast, the process is relatively simple. CEA’s industry forecast is developed using a consensus methodology. As the name implies, this means CEA analysts produce the forecasts using direct input from CEA members and other industry constituents, making the results an accurate reflection of the viewpoints of the industry itself.  This is where you come in.

There are two ways to participate. The quantitative method entails providing market size and growth estimates for CE categories you know about. The qualitative method leverages your ‘color commentary’ which helps CEA understand the market dynamics that affect the total CE revenue pie and the industry at large.

So what’s in it for participants you ask? Plenty. The forecasts themselves are a tremendously valuable and insightful tool for strategic planning and understanding where the industry is headed. What’s more, forecast participants receive the entire results free of charge. Note: membership in CEA is not a prerequisite for participation; we encourage inputs from any and all stakeholders in the industry.

How can you get involved? Easy. Contact me at this email address to add your voice to the chorus of industry constituents charting the growth of the industry and benefiting from the resulting information.