IPA OneShot Searching for Peace Photo Contest Winners

IPA OneShot Searching for Peace Photo Contest Winners

Banner Photo Credit: Kids learning how to ride a bicycle in the fields of Ukraine by Patryk Jaracz

Los Angeles, CA—The International Photography Awards (IPA) announced the winners of the 2024 IPA OneShot Searching for Peace special photo competition. Further, the contest received entries from all over the world in four categories: Calm in Conflict, Everyday Tranquility, Nature’s Serenity, and Peace Through My Eyes.

Hugs, © Gigja Einars

“In the world today, peace can seem elusive. However, these photographers have managed to capture its essence. Revealing its beauty and presence in the serene landscapes of nature, the quiet moments of everyday life or surprising instances of tranquility amidst conflict,” said Hannah Lillethun, IPA’s program director. “Their images speak volumes, offering a sense of hope and reminding us that peace can be discovered and nurtured both within ourselves and in our surroundings. Congratulations to all the winning photographers. And heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared their special images with us, each contributing to this inspiring portrayal of peace.”

Peace in Times of War, © Mouneb Taim

The International Photography Awards is an annual competition for professional, nonprofessional as well as student photographers from all over the globe. What’s more, the mission of IPA is to recognize and support extraordinary photography masters and discover emerging talents. It also provides them with a platform to share their works and become known on an international level in the photography community.

IPA OneShot Searching for Peace Photo Contest Winners
The grand winner and receiver of the $2,500 cash prize of this year’s competition is Patryk Jaracz, whose photograph, Kids learning how to ride a bicycle in the fields of Ukraine, captivated the judges with its profound message and artistic excellence. This compelling image captures a poignant moment of tranquility. In addition, it delivers a powerful narrative of peace found in an unexpected placea war zone. IPA-2024-Searching-for-peace-logoCategory Winners

Additionally, each category winner received a $500 cash prize. Following are the first through third-place winners in each category.

Calm in Conflict

1st Place: Peace in Times of War by Mouneb Taim
2nd Place: My Son by Marta Syrko
3rd Place: All the Noise by Moses Harris

The Lunar Compass, © Nicola Ducati
Everyday Tranquility

1st Place: The Lunar Compass by Nicola Ducati
2nd Place: Sick of Seventeen by KJ Herb
3rd Place: Sisters by Martina Holmberg

Nature’s Serenity

1st Place: Hugs by Gigja Einars
2nd Place: Finding Her Peace by Leslie Beckman
3rd Place: Black and White by Saeed Rezvanian

The Gateway #1 into the Unknown, © Dmitry Ersler
Peace Through My Eyes

1st Place: The Gateway #1 into the Unknown by Dmitry Ersler
2nd Place: Motherhood by Arevik Martirosyan
3rd Place: Dream of a Peaceful World by Hien Nhan Nguyen Hong