IPI and Athentech Announce Perfectly Clear Photos Program

IPI and Athentech Announce Perfectly Clear Photos Program


Henderson, NV—Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) and Athentech Imaging partnered to offer an innovative program exclusively designed to boost sales, improve profit and fuel growth in photo retail operations.

“It is a value-added program for the exclusive use of IPI members,” said Brent Bowyer, executive director, Independent Photo Imagers, Inc. “As we move into photo merchandising products like photo books and greeting cards, it is a reality that consumers will increase spending when their images look great. Correcting images automatically from different capture sources will reduce costs and increase consumer satisfaction. Perfectly Clear does a great job in correcting all kinds of images, including PDF documents, automatically and with very simple implementation.”

“We are happy to join with IPI to support its members in the creation of a unique service that will help them reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction,” added Brad Malcolm, president of Athentech Imaging Inc. “The program is powered by Perfectly Clear Lab, which has proven to be extremely effective over the years by other labs and retailers around the world. It is designed to maintain pace with very large volume of images, with outstanding results, and eliminates the need to invest in other hardware products. The time savings, in terms of man hours, is an enormous benefit to labs and their technicians.”

IPI members can purchase the Perfectly Clear Lab automatic image-correction software by using a special code provided by Athentech Imaging to IPI members. Among the exclusive benefits of the program are reduced annual maintenance, five free keys for Perfectly Clear Photoshop or Lightroom plug-ins for resale at the store, in-store marketing support for launching Perfectly Clear Photos and exclusive in-store signage for the program. The value of these added benefits exceeds $2,000.

The program will officially launch during the 2011 IPI Members’ Retreat and Trade Show, which takes place in Henderson, Nevada, from June 27-30. Additional program details will be available at the event. ipiphoto.com and athentech.com