Juniper Research Future Digital Awards for Technology & Innovation Open


Las Vegas, NV—Every year Juniper Research recognizes the most innovative and dynamic players across the technology and innovation sector, including: smart wearables, smart homes, digital health, automotive & telematics, and emerging & disruptive technologies.

This year, awards will be given in the following categories:

Smart Wearables

Smartwatches; Smart Glasses; Multimedia: AR & VR Headsets; Smart Jewelery; Fitness & Sports Wearables; Smart Clothing; Wearable Cameras; Smart Bands
•    Best Smart Wearable Consumer Product
•    Best Smart Wearable Platform/Technology

Smart Homes

Home Automation: Thermostats; Motion Sensors; Smart Gateways; Connected Devices; Security; Energy
•    Best Smart Home Consumer Product
•    Best Smart Platform/Technology/Service Offering

Digital Health

Health Bands; Sensors; Clothing; Connected Medical Devices
•    Best Digital Health Consumer Product
•    Best Digital Health Platform/Technology

Automotive & Telematics

Connected Cars, ADAS, Autonomous Technologies, Car OSs
•    Best Automotive & Telematics Consumer Product
•    Best Automotive & Telematics Technology/Service Offering

Emerging & Disruptive Technologies

3D Printing, Connectivity, Sensors, Big Data Platforms, Drones, Robotics, Smart Toys, Internet of Things, AR
•    Best Emerging & Disruptive Consumer Product
•    Best Emerging & Disruptive Consumer Technology/Platform

The awards are decided by a panel of expert judges based on a number of key criteria, including product features and user benefits, innovation, commercial partnerships, commercial launches, certification and compliance and potential future business development.

Applications can be download here. Completed forms must be returned by e-mail to by January 8 2016.