Kodak Exploring Strategic Alternatives for Digital Imaging Patent Portfolio

Kodak Exploring Strategic Alternatives for Digital Imaging Patent Portfolio


Rochester, NY—Kodak is exploring “strategic alternatives related to its digital imaging patent portfolios, a move reflecting the current heightened market demand for intellectual property.”

Kodak’s portfolios include more than 1,100 U.S. patents pertaining to capturing, processing, storing, organizing, editing and sharing digital images, as well as imaging monetization applications. Those patents represent approximately 10% of Kodak’s patent portfolio.

As the effort proceeds, Kodak will continue to pursue its patent licensing program as well as all litigation related to its digital imaging technology.

“Given recent trends in the marketplace for intellectual property, we believe the time is right to explore smart, opportunistic alternatives for our digital imaging patent portfolios,” said Laura G. Quatela, Kodak’s general counsel and a senior vice president. “This effort reaffirms our commitment to the three pillars of our intellectual property strategy—design freedom, access to new markets and partnerships, and cash generation.” kodak.com

Kodak is recognized as inventing the digital camera, and since then has pioneered major advances in digital imaging devices, systems and services. According to Kodak, its portfolios of more than 1,100 digital imaging patents—plus foreign counterparts and related patent applications—“comprise the world’s richest collection of imaging-related technology.” kodak.com