Leica Partners with the Center for Digital Imaging on S2 Training Workshops

Leica Partners with the Center for Digital Imaging on S2 Training Workshops


Allendale, NJ—Leica Camera now has an exclusive partnership with the Center for Digital Imaging Inc. (CDI), an international digital imaging consulting firm, to collaborate on training programs for the Leica S system. A service beyond typical pro dealer resources, CDI will work with S-system shooters one-on-one to help them create new or redefine current imaging workflow strategies.

Leica developed its S system as a completely new digital camera concept to meet “supreme professional requirements.” The high-resolution S2 camera is engineered for flexibility, durability and easy operation. According to Leica, the CDI S-system programs will “enhance this photographic innovation, drawing on CDI’s expertise with advanced integration of digital capture, color management, compliance with international imaging standards, asset management and all forms of display and output.”

There are two programs available through the partnership. The first is the S2 Quick Start program—a one-day on-site session designed to help new and existing S2 users maximize their investment via a concise, step-by-step process of optimizing imaging performance to meet international capture standards. During this time, participants will learn how to enhance the output of Adobe Lightroom workflows. The session includes custom camera calibration/configuration, camera/workflow performance report and step-by-step documentation. The workshop is priced at $2,200 (travel expenses are not included).

The second program features S2 Advanced Integration Services and is designed specifically for larger workgroups and studio operations where the S2 is part of a larger integrated workflow. In addition to the one-day Quick Start training, this program features a one-day needs analysis survey and report to help users address issues related to color management for display and output, advanced process control, asset management, and strategies for distribution and output. The price is $4,400 (excluding travel expenses).

The CDI S-system training programs can be booked through any of Leica’s North American dealers. us.leica-camera.com and cdiny.com