Lucie Foundation 2021 Scholarship Short List

Lucie Foundation 2021 Scholarship Short List


Los Angeles, CA—The Lucie Foundation strives to support emerging talent with dynamic ideas that challenge and progress the art form of still photography into compelling works. Moreover, through the Lucie Foundation 2021 Scholarship program, it supports fine art and documentary as well as photojournalism—in both digital and film-based works.

The foundation has announced the short-listed photographers for its Fine Art and Emerging Artist, as well as its Photo Taken and Photo Made Emerging categories.

Lucie Foundation 2021 Scholarship Short Lists

Lucie Foundation Fine Art Scholarship

The Lucie Foundation is offering a $3,000 scholarship in support of fine art photographers. It is open to both emerging and established artists. Following are the short-listed photographers and their nominated works.

  • Oskar Alvarado, Where Fireflies Unfold
  • Louise Amelie, The Lost Children Of Kirgistan
  • Juan Brenner, Genesis
  • Shawn Bush, Angle of Draw
  • Dmitry Ersler, Russia at Dusk
  • Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, The Forbidden Love
  • Joel Jimenez, Castle of Innocence
  • Emily Kinni, Bus Stop
  • Tatiana Lopez, Rooted
  • Madeleine Morlet, Young Americans
  • Rana Young, Lie and Smile
Lucie Foundation Emerging Artist Scholarship

Sponsored by Sony, this scholarship is open to all genres of photographic work. The foundation will award this scholarship to an individual to create or continue work on a specific dynamic project. The scholarship comprises a $1,500 grant as well as a Sony Alpha 7 C mirrorless camera and 28–60mm lens. Lucie-Foundation-2021-Scholarship-Merging-Artist-Shortlist

  • Fabiola Cedillo, Human/The manufacture of children through technology
  • Tyler DeHaarte, The Unspectacular Negro: Searching for The Oasis Promised
  • Alegria Diaz, Looking for what lies beyond the frontier of the skin
  • Lina Geoushy, Shame Less
  • Takako Kido, Skinship
  • Shubhadeep Mukherjee, Smells Like Home
  • Tajette O’Halloran, In Australia
  • Katarzyna Piechowicz, Romni
  • Scott Rossi, Common Place
  • Allan Salas M, The Rooted Heart Began to Change
  • Chung-Wai Wong, So Long Hong Kong, So Long
Photo Taken Emerging Scholarship

What’s more, the Photo Taken Emerging scholarship goes to an individual to create or continue a project focused on telling an existing story through a documentary or photojournalism approach. It is a grant of $1,000. Lucie-Foundation-2021-Scholarship-Photo-Taken-shortlist

  • Dan Agostini, Palomas
  • Jamil G Baldwin, Fieldnotes on How Roots Flourish Without Soil
  • Joel Guzmán, País adentro
  • Pang Hai, The Garden’s crossroads
  • Vijay S. Jodha, The First Witnesses
  • Emil Lombardo, The spectrum of love
  • Javier Clemente Martínez, Sumaj Orck’o
  • Mattia Marzorati, The land of holes
  • Fahim Ahamed Riyad, Fire & Dreams
  • Laila Stevens, A House is Not A Home
  • Doro Zinn, Future Kids
Photo Made Emerging Scholarship

In addition, the foundation will give this scholarship to an individual to create or continue a project focused on creating a story through a conceptual fine art approach. It is also a $1,000 grant. Lucie-Foundation-2021-Scholarship-Photo-Made-shortlist

  • Daniela Rivera Antara, Silence of Dawn
  • Kat Bawden, Perceptual Isolation
  • Anastasia Dumitrescu, Dwelled- A geography of nowhere
  • Thomas Gauthier, Journée Ordinaire
  • Karla Guerrero, Las flores mueren (The flowers die)
  • Lilia Luganskaia, Cosmodrome
  • Marisol Mendez, MADRE
  • Miraj Patel, Home
  • Izabella Provan, Bending Galaxies Back
  • Rachelle Steele, Framed in California
  • André Ramos-Woodard, a mediocre-ass nigga
Lucie Foundation

A 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, the Lucie Foundation’s three-tiered mission is to honor master photographers; discover and cultivate emerging talent; as well as promote the appreciation of photography worldwide.