Mister Clipping Launches New Website and Web-Based Photo Clipping Services

Mister Clipping Launches New Website and Web-Based Photo Clipping Services


Freehold, NJ—Online graphics service provider Mister Clipping completely redesigned and rebuilt its website as well as its entire project assignment process; a user-friendly online wizard now manages the workflow, from the uploading of an assignment to the downloading of processed images.

Mister Clipping specializes in handmade clipping image paths and/or masks to isolate objects from their background for studios, photographers, photo retailers and end users—as well as other graphical services to further manipulate images. Through the new site, it will now be able to more effectively provide a wider range of services, which are offered for a few dollars per image and reduce workloads and project times for clients.

The options for uploading and downloading images have been expanded, capacity has been increased tenfold and the new site is up to eight times faster than the previous one. Moreover, the new online platform will support strong international growth for the Netherlands-based company, which recently opened an office in Freehold, New Jersey. Clients can now receive service during U.S. office hours and payments are now accepted in U.S. dollars. The services offered by Mister Clipping will be expanded in the coming months and will gradually be included in the new online environment.

The MisterClipping.com application is designed to easily process a single image or tens of thousands of images. Images are guaranteed to be isolated and returned via the online platform within one to 24 hours, regardless of the number of images. misterclipping.com