NAB 2023 Product of the Year Awards Winners Named

NAB 2023 Product of the Year Awards Winners Named


Las Vegas, NV—The NAB Show announced the NAB 2023 Product of the Year Awards winners during a live ceremony on April 18 in Las Vegas. The awards recognize some of the most significant and promising new products and technologies exhibited at the 2023 NAB Show. Honors were awarded in the Create, Connect and Capitalize categories.

Moreover, a panel of industry experts in 15 categories selected the fifth annual Product of the Year Awards winners. To be eligible, nominated products had to be submitted by companies exhibiting at the 2023 NAB Show as well as be available for delivery within the 2023 calendar year.

NAB-2023-product of the year awards-Fujifilm-Fujinon_Duvo_HZK25-1000_F2.8-5-PL
Fujifilm Fujinon Duvo HZK25–1000mm f/2.8–5.0

“Every year, the NAB Show is excited to see what new, innovative breakthroughs our nominees have made to transform how content is created, connected and capitalized throughout the media and entertainment industry,” said Eric Trabb, senior vice president and chief customer success officer at NAB.

“The winners of the 2023 Product of the Year Awards have demonstrated how they can help storytellers face the challenges of the present and future by revolutionizing the content lifecycle at all its stages.”

NAB 2023 Product of the Year Awards Winners

This year’s winners in the Create category’s subcategories of Cameras; Camera Support, Control and Accessories; as well as Location/Studio Lighting follow. To see all the category winners, click here.

Create Category Winners

Taking top honors as the Best Overall in the Create category is:

Fujifilm North America Corporation: Fujinon HZK25–1000mm F2.8 CineBox PL Lens

Cameras Category

ARRI: ARRI Alexa 35

Sony-FR7-Cinema-Line-ptz-NAB-2023-product of the year awards
Sony FR7

DJI: DJI Ronin 4D and DJI Inspire 3 

Fujifilm North America Corporation: Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Insta360: Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition

Sony: Sony FR7 Cinema Line Full-Frame PTZ Robotic Camera

Camera Support, Control and Accessories Category

Angenieux: Optimo Primes IOP

Atlas Lens Co.: Mercury Series

Canon USA: Canon Flex Zoom CN-E14–35mm T1.7 L S/SP Wide-Angle Zoom and CN-E31.5–95mm T1.7 L S/SP Telephoto Zoom Lenses

Canon CN-E14-35mm T1.7 L S-SP Flex Zoom

cmotion GmbH: Mainstation MST1

DJI: DJI RS 3 Pro and DJI Transmission

Domo Broadcast Systems: Eclipse TX Wireless Camera Transmitter

Fujifilm North America Corporation: Fujinon HZK251000mm F2.8 CineBox PL Lens

Hudson Spider: Hudson Slider

Lemo Corporation: Lemo 12G-SDI 4K UHD Transmission Push-Pull Connectors

Mark Roberts Motion Control (Nikon): AJS-2 Autojib

Sony: Venice Extension System 2

VidOvation: VidOlink Reacher II

Zinema Motion GmbH: Thor Camera Robot System

Location/Studio Lighting Category
MRMC AJS-2 Autojib

Aputure: Infinibar PB3, amaran 150c, MT Pro and amaran COB 60x S

ARRI Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG: Orbiter Projection Optics 25℃ and 35℃

BB&S Lighting: Reflect 4-Bank System

Creamsource: LNX Mounting System

Elation Professional: Fuze Max Profile and the Proteus Maximus

Fluotec/GTM Inc.: Vegalux 300 HP

Guangdong NanGuang Photo & Video Systems Co.: Nanlux Evoke 900C

Kelvin: Kelvin Epos 600, 600W Full Color Spectrum RGBACL LED COB Studio Light

Kino Flo Lighting Systems: MIMIK 120 Image-Based Lighting Tile

LiteGear Inc.: LiteMat Spectrum 8

Senna Ltd.: Masterpiece

In addition, Fujifilm North America also earned honors in the Remote Production category for the Fujifilm and Adobe/ Camera to Cloud Integration.