Lucidiom & Noritsu Highlight Soup to Nut Photofinishing at PMA Canada

Lucidiom & Noritsu Highlight Soup to Nut Photofinishing at PMA Canada


Vienna, VA—The Noritsu and Lucidiom booths at the PMA Canada 2010 show, recently held in Toronto, Ontario, showed retailers soup to nuts photofinishing solutions. The two companies provided hardware and software demos and booth promotions.

“Attendees particularly enjoyed our Apple a Day contest, which added an extra element of fun to our demos of the Noritsu D1005 duplex printer and Lucidiom’s Photo Finale 7.0 web software,” said Stephen Giordano, Jr., Lucidiom’s president. Through the promotion, attendees who received demos of the D1005 and Photo Finale were entered into a drawing. On days 1 and 2, Noritsu and Lucidiom gave away an iPod Nano; on day 3 the prize was an Apple iPad.

Lucidiom’s Photo Finale 7.0 demo showcased the website software’s integration of the APM kiosk’s functionality and convenient features like the product finder and the Lucidiom store—Lucidiom’s central fulfillment service for traditional and creative photo products.

Noritsu demonstrated the D1005 minilab—a small footprint duplex dry minilab engineered to meet the changing needs of the photo industry in the social expression age. The D1005 is an on-site solution that combines Noritsu’s manufacturing and service capabilities to provide retailers with the flexibility to produce a range of services and photo products in sizes up to 12×36 inches. 

Noritsu and Lucidiom also shared insights on the imaging industry through two PMA Canada panel presentations. In “The Print Is Dead! How 20-Somethings Use Photography,” Stephen Giordano, Jr., shed light on how younger generations are enjoying their photos. “Because 20-somethings aren’t printing photos like older generations, it’s vital that photo retailers are equipped with strong, integrated online and in-store solutions. Today, you have to embrace social networking in order to survive. If you haven’t done so already, it’s not too late, but pretty soon it may be. It’s time to hop onboard and, luckily, there are flexible products out there—like those from Lucidiom and Noritsu—to fit any type and size of photofinishing business,” said Giordano.,