Noritsu D1005

Noritsu D1005


Anaheim, CA—Noritsu’s D1005 duplex minilab is marketed as “a high-efficiency, small footprint duplex dry minilab engineered to meet the changing photo-imaging needs of today’s social expression age.”

The D1005 is an on-site solution that combines innovations with Noritsu’s manufacturing and service capabilities to provide retailers with the flexibility to produce a range of services and photo products in sizes up to 12×36 inches, to support their revenue growth.

“At Noritsu we strive to focus innovation on immediate customer needs. With the D1005 we’ve combined the best of our proven technology with game-changing innovation in a power-packed one-square meter of space, letting retailers do more with less,” said Noritsu’s president and CEO, Yukihiko Chayama. “The D1005 combines high-quality printing efficiency with consumer-product driven flexibility all supported by the largest minilab service organization in the world, giving retailers peace of mind and increased opportunities for growth.”

The D1005 is said to produce “archival prints with the innovative Noritsu four-color dye ink system” that uses six gradations per dot and a specially formulated, fade-resistant ink designed to withstand ozone and light. Noritsu’s AccuSmart image-processing technology provides automatic image optimization and correction functions. The minilab boasts a 4×6-inch print capacity of 950 prints/hour and 3,800 prints without changing paper. 

Advances in roll and variable paper technology are designed to provide unlimited printing options to meet future needs. The D1005 supports roll paper and sheet paper and produces both single-sided and double-sided prints, allowing production of standard prints, greeting cards, posters and photo books. Dual two-lane magazines enable flexible paper configuration with a new maximum paper width of 12 inches and the ability to load four paper rolls. The system supports automatic order sorting and uses LED lights on the 12-order print sorter to signify interrupted orders.

The D1005 duplex minilab is also engineered to reduce setup and training time while maintaining efficient workflow at retail. And its open system lets retailers take advantage of existing on-site equipment and networks. PMA BOOTH # 3140, 3428, 3430, 3436