PMA Updates QDPC Retailer Location Program with CliQshop Upgrade

PMA Updates QDPC Retailer Location Program with CliQshop Upgrade


Jackson, MI—The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) upgraded its long-standing Qualified Digital Processing Center (QDPC) and Expert Photo Center programs, bringing them into the newly launched CliQ enthusiast brand.

“When PMA launched the QDPC program almost 10 years ago, the goal was to provide consumers with a way to find retailers who could make digital prints,” said Ted Fox, executive director, PMA. “Clearly, in 2011, the ability to get digital prints at retail is universal, but there is still a need for an easy way for consumers to find retailers and their services.

“With the launch by PMA of the new CliQ brand experience, there’s a whole new world of enthusiasts and aspiring pros eager to learn the craft, explore new possibilities, share their passion and become better photographers,” he added. “The CliQ website, at, is designed to do just that. It will soon connect photo enthusiasts to local retailer classes, photo excursions, contests and more. We’ll launch other opportunities to connect PMA retailers with CliQ account holders and encourage them to participate in CliQ events and programs at every level.”

One way enthusiasts will find retailers is through a listing on the CliQ website that includes current PMA members, searchable by ZIP code and other criteria. PMA retailers will be called “CliQshops”; those retailers who have Certified Photographic Consultants (CPCs) and/or Society of Photo Finishing Engineers (SPFE) certified employees on staff will be designated as a “CliQshop Pro” and will be spotlighted in search results. The new CliQshop brand replaces the PMA QDPC and Expert Photo Center programs.

“This is the just the beginning of how PMA will connect retailers to enthusiasts through CliQ,” concluded Fox.

PMA retailer members are encouraged to check their listing on the PMA homepage at, on the right side underneath the search box. If an update is needed, e-mail Renee Bryant in PMA Membership at