RedDot Imaging Launches AgfaPhoto Digital Cameras in the Americas

RedDot Imaging Launches AgfaPhoto Digital Cameras in the Americas


Miami, FL—RedDot Imaging officially launched the AgfaPhoto camera line into its Americas territory, signaling its presence as a contender in the digital camera marketplace. The Americas debut follows launches in Southeast Asia.

“We are very proud and excited to continue the 140-year legacy and imaging history of the AgfaPhoto brand,” said Joe Atick, CEO of RedDot Imaging.

The camera line offered by RedDot, the authorized licensee of AgfaPhoto products in the Americas, Middle East and Southeast Asia, consists of six models: three point-and-shoot compacts, two bridge models and a high-definition, ruggedized HD camcorder.

All cameras are bundled with productivity software from ArcSoft for media management, and all but the entry-level model allow users to convert their images and videos into 3D and view them with the included 3D glasses.

“Our mission goes beyond supplying affordable quality cameras to the consumer,” said Rene Buhay, president of RedDot Imaging. “Our emphasis is to provide a unique imaging experience to our users.”

A component of that experience is the bundled 3D software that’s designed to allow any user to experience 3D imagery without the need to invest in specialized cameras. Additional services soon to be available on the RedDot Imaging website will enable users to socially interact with their images in new ways.

All of RedDot Imaging’s AgfaPhoto cameras are engineered to offer advanced features, including embedded technologies such as face, smile and blink detection, panoramic stitching and red-eye removal, as well as auto scene detection, image stabilization and auto-brightness LCDs.

The entry-level 14 megapixel, 3x optical zoom Precisa 1430 retails for $79.99. The Optima series consists of the Optima 145 and 147, both featuring 14 megapixels, lithium batteries, and 5x and 7x optical zooms, respectively. The Optima 145 sells for $109.99, and the Optima 147 has an MSRP of $119.99. The Selecta 14 and 16 models are offered as bridge cameras with 14 and 16 megapixel capabilities coupled with 15x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. They retail for $169.99.

The eClipse Explorer, a shockproof (to five feet) and waterproof (to 16 feet) compact HD 1080p camcorder, is also in the lineup. It has a built-in USB connector, image stabilization and HDMI output, for $129.99.