Best Retail Electronics Websites Ranked by Keynote Systems

Best Retail Electronics Websites Ranked by Keynote Systems


San Mateo, CA—Keynote Competitive Research, the industry research group of Keynote Systems, announced the results of its Q4 2010 study of retail electronics websites—with taking first place for Best Overall Customer Experience. 

In the technical quality rankings, was first for reliability (based on availability and outages), while ranked first for responsiveness (high-speed response). Other companies included in the study were Best Buy, Costco, Dell,, Sears, Target and Walmart. 

The rankings are based on responses from real users, who were observed as they accomplished tasks on each of the sites studied, as well as real data collected through Keynote website monitoring to assess the technical quality of the sites.

Keynote sent 200 online users to each of the 10 websites for a total of 2,000 people participating. The users performed a number of tasks on each of the sites and then answered questions about their experience in performing the required tasks. Those comments were then analyzed by Keynote’s software, the results tallied and rankings formulated.

In 2010, visual appeal and price satisfaction remained the most important aspects of the overall customer experience, most accurately predicting brand perceptions and conversion, noted Keynote. Product interest became slightly less important in 2010, while search satisfaction, purchase process, organization & navigation, and perceived site performance gained importance; customer support and product research remain key drivers for brand and conversion. “Our real user testing revealed that a good-looking well-organized site is a bigger driver of brand affinity and purchases than either consumers or retailers themselves likely realize,” said Christopher Musto, general manager of the Keynote Competitive Research group.