Shutterstock All the Best Artists Campaign

Shutterstock All the Best Artists Campaign


New York, NY—Shutterstock, Inc., launched the All The Best Artists. It is a brand campaign that celebrates the work of the photographers, videographers and illustrators on Shutterstock. Moreover, it is the first artist-focused campaign from Shutterstock that illustrates the value and boutique offering of content across genres from its world-class contributor base.

From the 1.6 million contributor community, eight of Shutterstock’s most innovative and ingenious creators were selected. The company is showcasing their inspiring work that spans multiple genres and geographies.

In addition, the campaign features a digital gallery of these creative collections. Consequently, it provides a preview of just some of the many artists behind Shutterstock’s premium content offering.

“Exceptional, engaging content is synonymous with Shutterstock. We are inspired everyday by our diverse community of artists who make it possible,” said Kristen Sanger, senior director of Contributor Marketing at Shutterstock.

“We are proud to have a rich mix of backgrounds and perspectives within our global contributor base. We are also elated to spotlight the people behind Shutterstock’s compelling content across photography, video, illustration and music to audiences around the world.” Shutterstock-Logo-2021 all the best artists

Shutterstock choose the eight artists featured in the All The Best Artists campaign based on their specialty, location and also the diversity of their content and cultural backgrounds.

All The Best Artists Shutterstock Campaign Honorees

Following are the initial eight artists and why Shutterstock choose them.

Anusorn Nakdee | Thailand

Dive into a world of 3D-generated visuals designed by Thailand’s Anusorn Nakdee. The work features free-flowing patterns, rich environments as well as a flair for food and beverage imagery.

Kurit Afshen | Indonesia

Celebrating the bold colors and bright patterns of the natural world, Indonesian macro photographer Kurit Afshen gets close up with the wild side of life.

Puhhha | Ukraine

Ukraine-based photographers Puhhha bring inclusivity to the forefront with beauty and fashion portraiture. Moreover, the images feature fresh, diverse faces.

Kev Klopper  | Cyprus

Kev Klopper is a Cyprus-based video production studio. The studio produces original lifestyle footage that showcases authentic interactions in real-world settings.

Helena Perez Garcia | Spain

Offset illustrator Helena Perez Garcia offers high-concept illustrations. They reflect a mysterious sensibility and also depict a distinct sense of the surreal.

FenlioQ | UK

UK-based FenlioQ produces stunning cityscapes and outdoor photography/videography. FenlioQ captures content from across Asia as well as around the world.

Angelina  Bambina | Russia

Russian designer Angelina Bambina brings her unique style to vector illustrations. In addition, her work showcases intricate patterns, diverse subjects and a wide-ranging creative inspiration.

Maskot | Sweden

Swedish photography agency Maskot brings a highly Scandinavian sensibility to their portraits. The agency offers curated lifestyle photography from across the region.

To view the “All The Best Artists” campaign as well as to learn more about Shutterstock’s Artist, click here.