New CEA Study Segments Digital Photographer Market

New CEA Study Segments Digital Photographer Market


Six segments of digital photographers exist according to a new Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) analysis.

The study, The Digital Photographer – Segmenting the Market to Gain Deeper Understanding, shows the segments are the Frustrated Photogs making up 25 percent of the market, Digital Curators (23 percent), One-Click Wonders (15 percent), Feature-Focused Photogs (16 percent), Picture Happy Socialites (10 percent) and Digital Mavericks (10 percent).

“Understanding how digital photographers are naturally grouped together, based on similar thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, interests, etc., will help companies in the consumer electronics industry better serve these consumers’ needs,” said Chris Ely, CEA senior research analyst.

The study focuses only on those who have used a digital imaging device with still photo capabilities within the past year, 61 percent of consumers. While only one percent of digital photographers consider themselves to be professionals or experts, the vast majority (63 percent) consider themselves to be average users.

The standalone digital camera is still the predominant device owned by digital photographers with 83 percent owning a standard point-and-shoot digital camera and 13 percent owning a more advanced SLR digital camera. However, 83 percent of digital photographers also own a cell phone and 27 percent own a smartphone. Looking at Digital Mavericks, the group with the most early adopters, only 56 percent are using a standalone camera, while 30 percent use cell phones or smartphones and 14 percent use digital camcorders showing a clear trend away from the single-purpose digital camera.

The Digital Photographer – Segmenting the Market to Gain Deeper Understanding (October 2009) study was fielded in September 2009. It was designed and formulated by CEA Market Research. Please cite any information to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®. The complete study is available free to CEA member companies. Non-members may purchase the study for $999 at