YPOC Debuts Website Makes Ordering Canvas Prints Easy

YPOC Debuts Website Makes Ordering Canvas Prints Easy


Anaheim, CA—YPOC, a producer of custom canvas prints and creator of print-on-canvas processes, redesigned its website, ypoc.com, to help consumers take the guesswork out of converting their photos into PhotoGiclées on canvas.

YPOC has incorporated its proprietary Image Resolution Detection software so that uploaded images are automatically evaluated to determine all canvas enlargements that will render excellent results. Canvas sizes deemed too large based on the quality of the original image file can still be chosen, but only those sizes that will best showcase the image will be highlighted, helping to avoid customer disappointment.

In addition, the company produced a series of video tutorials, titled “YPOC Basic Training,” to help consumers better understand the correlation between a digital photo and the quality they can expect to get from a corresponding canvas print. Other tutorials include how to use YPOC.com to purchase PhotoGiclée and how to use the website’s Inspiration Center to see the artistic possibilities that go beyond the original photo.

“It’s one thing to take a photograph. It’s quite another when you print it on canvas,” said Jason Coulston, Marketing & Brand manager for YPOC. “Single moments can turn into full-blown memories when you move beyond viewing digital photographs in the context of an iPhone or through Facebook. Hanging as family art on a wall, a canvas photograph has the power to unlock emotions, and experiences.”

Every YPOC canvas print, from print output and custom wood frame mount to final canvas production and flat-rate shipping, is conducted at the company’s 50,000-square-foot facility in Anaheim, California. Each canvas print comes with a lifetime guarantee. ypoc.com