Canon Crowd People Counter Software Captures Crowd Size in Real Time

Canon Crowd People Counter Software Captures Crowd Size in Real Time


Melville, NY—Canon USA introduced the Canon Crowd People Counter. The video content analysis software can quickly provide event management teams and law enforcement agencies the ability to gather crowd size data in real-time.

Moreover, the gathering and analysis of this data can help detect overcrowding and potentially prevent accidents at a variety of locations. It is useful for stadiums, airports, train stations, houses of worship, as well as other venues. An additional application of the software is the ability to support city planning projects.

“Now more than ever, cities and venues are extremely conscious about crowd control and social distancing,” said Tatsuro “Tony” Kano, executive vice president/general manager of Canon USA’s Imaging Technologies and Communications Group.

“With the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is extremely important to monitor the density of crowds. Our new Crowd People Counter software can help to manage crowds in real time; it will provide valuable data to help keep people safe once large gatherings and events return.”

Canon Crowd People Counter Capabilities

The Crowd People Counter software can detect humans using as little as 15 pixels. It is also capable of detecting up to approximately 88,000 people in maximum resolution (5,472×3,648) and 9,000 people in Full HD (1,920×1080), respectively.

To aid with event management by identifying trends in crowds, the software data can help to determine the appropriate number of police officers, security guards, emergency medical personnel, and ambulances needed in a given area. Ethisphere recognizes Canon-Logo-new RAISE

Furthermore, because of the real-time crowd analysis, security and event staff can be repositioned to ensure appropriate staffing as events; thus helping to increase safety while managing crowd size. The crowd data also supports staff optimization for future event planning.

The Crowd People Counter software works in tandem with Canon and Axis Network Cameras. It works in Windows-supported devices using both Webview and VAPIX protocol for livestreaming. For greater flexibility a separate plug-in version of the software, Crowd People Counter for Milestone XProtect is available; it also supports livestreaming and recorded data from Milestone XProtect.

The Canon Crowd People Counter Version 1.0 and Crowd People Counter for Milestone XProtect Version 1.0 are currently available.